The Adventures of Tommy Tickles

by Michael Wray

Kids love being tickled by their parents, and kids love adventure! Join Tommy Tickles as he sets out on his first hilarious journey of tickling. Cross perilous but familiar landscapes on a quest for the ultimate tickle! You’ll be grinning with delight all the way as Tommy Tickles makes you and your children shriek with laughter.

Is story time just for kids?
Why should they have all the fun!

At LASERWRAY PUBLISHING we believe that children’s stories should be just as engaging for mom and dad as they are for the little ones. With pop culture references, interactive activities, a touch of grossness, and a sprinkling of irreverance – not to mention outstanding illustrations – storytime becomes an occassion for both kids and adults to look forward to.

Join us as we introduce an abundance of unforgettable characters that will set your child’s imagination afire. There’s Tommy Tickles, always on the lookout for a good laugh. How about joining a group of bored kids vying to come up with the grossest ıce cream flavour in The Ice Cream Truck is Coming? What about a book of poems called Whimseys that invite your child to see the world in a different way? And have you ever wondered what would happen if Toy Story met Alice in Wonderland? You’ll know the answer after reading EJ’s Toybox.

And that’s just in our children’s section!

For adults we plan to showcase collections of poetry and short fiction, all from the surreal pen of R. Michael Wray, this site’s creator and author. If you like black humour, The Twilight Zone, and a smattering of (mostly) positivist philosophy, then we’ll soon have much to interest you after the kids are asleep.

The Adventure is Just beginning! We hope you’ll join us at LASERWRAY PUBLISHING!

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